How to Play

Compete with thousands of other punters and tip your way to the top!

Game Information

Bored of the same old footy tipping? With, we are different.

Instead of gaining just 1 point for each right tip, we allow you to back more on teams you think are more likely to win. We call this, Fantasy Dollars and everyone starts with $10,000 Fantasy Dollars. The winner is the person with the highest amount.


The following rules apply:

How does the 20% rule work?

Why do we have this rule in place?
We don't want our players to tip their entire balance on one game, so we've introduced the 20% rule.

How is the rule applied?
The maximum a person can spend on a tip is 20% of their balance (pending tips get added back to the balance)
Maximum Tip = 20% x (Current Balance + Pending Tips Amount)


Current Balance:$10,000
Pending Tips Total:$0
Maximum Tip:$2,000
20% of ($10,000 + $0)

Person 1 decides to tip $2,000 on Team 1

Current Balance:$8,000
Pending Tips Total:$2,000
Maximum Tip:$2,000
20% of ($8,000 + $2,000)

Team 1 loses

Current Balance:$8,000
Pending Tips Total:$0
Maximum Tip:$1,600
20% of ($8,000 + $0)


The leaderboard is based on the balance including pending tips